Key Club, NHS and Student Council kick off the start of Socktober

Olivia Diesch, Writer

The Key Club kicked off this month with Socktober, a donation project for foster children who do not have enough socks, underwear or pajamas. With the help of NHS and Student Council, the campaign has been spread throughout the school, and it has SRTs competing for a breakfast party awarded to the winner. The goal of the campaign is to donate 5000 items.

“I can’t wait to bring in stuff for Socktober,” freshman Payton Hurley said. “It’s for a really great cause and the breakfast party is an awesome prize; I’m hoping my SRT wins.”

Boxes were delivered to classes on, Oct. 6. Each SRT has a suggested age group to bring donations for so the donations will impact kids of all ages.

“A girl at the middle school [Andrew G. Schmidt Middle School] started it here in Fenton,” Key Club treasurer senior Hope Dagenais said. “Other towns around Fenton were involved, so we thought it would be important for us [Fenton High School] to be involved.”

Foster kids often are arrive to foster homes with nothing except the clothes on their backs, and most of the time, it is late at night when they are dropped off. Going to the store to pick up items that they need is not always an option.

“It is a very important cause,” Key Club President Samantha Gehm said. “Many foster children don’t have the proper essentials and they really need our help. It’s sad because although they get clothes donations, they rarely get socks, underwear or pajamas.”

Toys and everyday clothes are donated to foster children, but Socktober is a way for foster kids to get the necessities that they need.

“To me, it’s important to give to kids in need,” freshman Amelia West said. “The holidays are coming up, so I think it is especially important to help out. I will make sure to have my entire SRT help out.”

Socktober runs through the end of the month, at which time the items will be donated to Clara’s Hope Orphan Care Ministry.