Varsity Volleyball Team wins 3-0 against Clio

Mckenzie Lookebill, Writer

The varsity volleyball team continues their winning streak as they remain undefeated after hosting a home game against Clio this past Tuesday. The final match score was 3-0. At the beginning, senior Nina Lombardi served four serves, making the score 4-1. Later in the game at when the score was 15-6 senior Cassidy Curtis killed, when a player hits a bill and scores for his or her team, the ball for a side-out, when a team gains the ball back from the opposing team to serve, Fenton.

“It’s a good feeling,” Curtis said. “I get really excited because it makes me feel like I did my job on the floor, and it helps my team.”

During the second game, junior Jess Warford saved a ball from outside the court, keeping the it in play. Then, Warford killed the ball for another side-out.
IMG_5255 copyPHOTO Alyssa Branoff
“Saving a shanked (when a ball doesn’t go the direction the player wanted it to) ball is really exciting,” Warford said. ”It gives the team the opportunity to recover from the mistake.”

In the third and final game, Curtis killed the ball again making the score 14-8. In the final points of the game, Warford killed the ball again, finishing the match at 25-14.

“It feels really good to score the last point, especially on a kill because it gets everyone pumped up,” Warford said.” It makes me feel accomplished, and it gets everyone excited. I think winning games brings us together as a team.”

The volleyball team’s next game will be away at Holly on Oct. 13, where they hope to continue their winning streak.