New Trap Shooting Club begins competition

Jade Allami, Writer

Most students have heard of the Key Club, Robotics club and the other extracurricular activities, but many are just learning about the Trap Club.

The Trap Club was created a couple years before it become an official competitive activity within the school. Junior Spencer Bundy founded it. Originally, it was just for the fun of sharing a common interest with friends, but after a while, he decided to make it more challenging by entering competition.

“I wanted to start this club because I thought it would be cool to have that kind of sport at school, educate students better about guns,” Bundy said. “I just needed to find someone to back it. Mrs. Baker volunteered. She used to shoot trap.”

Two to three times a week since the beginning of the school year, the members meet at Linden Sportsmen Cub to enjoy their common passion and improve their shooting skill for the competition starting in spring. During this competition, each five members of a squad shoot one after the other and the team that hits the most targets wins.

“It’s a different type of sport; it’s mental, physical and technical; there is a lot of hand and eye coordination; you are working as a team but also as an individual,” Kemp said.

Even though practice has already started, students are still welcome to join the club. Anyone from any high school can participate.

“I used to shoot in a rifle league and then Spencer mentioned the trap club,” junior Tommy Kemp said.

“I tried this one time in March with my boyfriend and liked it; then I asked my dad if I could join the club and since he had a gun he didn’t use, he accepted,” Milford High School junior Elexa Cary said.

A meeting for new members will be held at Linden Sports Club October 7 at 5 p.m. There is no participation fee except for the ATA (Amateur Trapshooting Association) which requires $75 to enter; students need to buy their own equipment: a shot gun from the brand name Beretta.