IB Theatre crosses Canadian border to see a performance of ‘Anne Frank’

Kelsie Lane, Writer

IB Theatre traveled to Stratford, Canada, on Sunday to see a production of “Anne Frank” at the Avon Theater.

“We will be performing the show in January,” junior Frisco Alvarado said. “We learned some of the expectations people have when going to see the show, what we have to live up to, and what we can do to prepare ourselves”.

Junior John Trecha felt that he took new insight from his experience at the show.

“Seeing the production helped the class as a whole get a better feeling for the show, how it runs and what the show is like when performed], rather than just reading it out of a book,” Trecha said. “It made the characters feel more alive. We also payed attention to what did and didn’t work in their production, and we’ll consider all of that when we do our show.”

However, the field trip coincided with Homecoming week, making a busy weekend for the cast

“It was pretty rough, because we had to be up so early and the dance was the night before,” Trecha said. “I got up around seven, because we had to leave for the show around eight, and we didn’t arrive in Canada until about 1:30 p.m. Everyone was basically asleep in class the next day.”

After their experience seeing the show, IB Theatre gained new insight, and the class will be premiering their production of “The Diary of Anne Frank” this January.