Varsity Girls Swim wins against Brandon 114-64


PHOTO Maya Mead

Emma Coffey, Writer

At the latest girls varsity swim meet, Coach Brad Jones decided to mix it up a little by letting a wheel of doom decide who would be competing in certain meets. The varsity girls swim team beat Brandon with a final score of 114-64; perhaps due to the change in event assignment.

“Before the meet we spun a wheel to determine what girls would swim in what events,” Jones said. “The wheel made it able to put different girls into different events and get them out of their comfort zone. It really did pay off.”

Sophomore Taylor Shegos prepares for one of her six dives that set the new school record of 267.85 points.

The wheel was not the only factor in getting freshman Carly Kozlowski out of her comfort zone. Thursday was her first home meet that she was able to participate in this season.
PHOTO Maya Mead
“It was my first home meet at Fenton and it was very fun to compete because I used to do gymnastics and swim is less stressful,” said Kozlowski. “I’m very glad I joined. Because I joined later I’ve felt like an outsider but all the girls have been very accepting.”

Not only did Fenton put a new diver to the test but diver and sophomore Taylor Shegos broke a new record. Shegos broke the previous record for 6 dives (264 points) with a new score of 267.85.

“I was surprised that I beat the record because afterwards I didn’t think I dove well but I guess I did,” Shegos said. “Breaking the record was a goal of mine but I didn’t have it on my mind going into the meet.”