Kettering University’s college visit


Jennifer Eisenbeis, Online News Editor

Kettering University came for a college visit during SRT in the counseling office on Nov. 3. At  Kettering’s college visit, the admissions officer discussed the way that classes run, the degrees and the subjects they cover, how the dorms work, tuition cost, scholarships and answered any questions that students who went had for the admissions officer.

“I went to Kettering’s college visit because I wanted to explore my opportunities at other engineering colleges,” junior Kenton Kline said. “I’m interested in the chemical engineering program because it’s the field that I want to work in.”  

On the district website there is a calendar in the high school page. On this calendar, there are the dates and times of the colleges that are coming to visit the school.
Future visits include, Lake Superior State University at 9:30am on Nov 5, at 10:05am on Nov 5 Lawrence Tech University is coming to visit. On Nov 9, Albion College is coming to visit at 9:30am.