Ambassadors finish up their annual Christmas wreath sale


Jade Allami, Writer

The Ambassadors are wrapping up their annual Christmas wreath sale to help fund-raise fpr upcoming performances and competitions.

“I started doing this fundraiser in 1990; I actually didn’t come up with the idea of selling wreaths but Lynn Ferguson did,” Ambassador director Brad Wright said. “I definitely think that students get more involved by raising the money themselves.”

The money goes toward funds for the group, such as dresses for the girls and suits for the boys. It also goes toward equipment needed for shows and any trips they may go on.

“We attend some close events, and we go to a few locations around Christmas time to sing Christmas carols,” sophomore Joie Raymond said. “We are also going to Chicago in the spring either to perform at a festival or to attend a competition.”

At competitions, each choir has a set time for equipment set up. They also perform a 15 minutes set with singing and choregraphy, and then work specifically with the judge after.

“Competitions are very specific, we have too meet up with a bunch of criteria by the judges, such as blend and balance, dynamics, and style. We take this and find our own way to make the performance one of a kind,” Dietrich said. “Typically a group would do three to four songs in 15 minutes, but we make l a medley where we take 30-45 seconds of each song we do in our show and put them all together like a mashup, and do choregraphy the whole time.”

There is no set quota of wreaths that they have to sell. Collectively, they raise up to $24,000. Students have gone to teachers, businesses, neighbors, family members and friends to sell the wreaths.

“The wreaths sale is definitely worth the time and effort,” senior Anna Dietrich said. “It’s a very important fund-raiser to our program so my goal is to sell around $1600 worth of product. Last year I think someone with over $1600 was the top seller.”

The Ambassadors do the sale right around the same time every year, which corresponds with the time that they start working on their Christmas music, which gets them into the Christmas spirit.

“We like this sale because when we’re done with wreaths it always smells like a pine forest in the classroom,” Wright said. “When we get the wreath order off of the delivery truck, it seems to me that the students are in a cheery mood and the wreaths make the room look and feel like Christmas.”

The wreaths will be delivered to the school Dec 8, and will be delvered to customers shortly after.