Fenton and Linden basketball expected to be neck and neck in upcoming basketball game

Myla Wolosonowich, Writer

It is a rival game Jan. 22 against the Linden Eagles and Fenton Tigers. Fenton has a new boys varsity coach this year has a strategy on how he is going to prepare for this game. Both players and coaches have been preparing for this game. All levels will be home and all students can attend the games.

“To prepare for this game, we focus on what our team is trying to do for the game and to make sure we execute well,” coach John Gilbert said. “We make sure we know what the approach and action going into the game, each metro game is a little different, so when we play a new team we change a few things that our team does to adapt to every team”

Both the boys and girls basketball team’s approach the Linden game with different strategies.

“To prepare for the game, we will review the Linden film videographers have shot from previous games to see their strengths and weaknesses,” senior Chloee Foor said. “Then, after watching the film, we will work on what we need to do to beat them.”

No matter what the coaches say or do to prepare their team, they cannot control how the players perform during the game. When the the ball is tipped off, it is now fully up to the players to work as a team and put in as much effort as possible until the last buzzer.

“Playing Linden is always a good game; I get more excited and mentally prepared personally,” Foor said. “I transferred from Linden to Fenton because of the sports, so it’s always a big game for me when we play them.”

The Fenton Linden games might not always be a competitive game each year, the players still put in their effort to win the game every year.

“We lost one and won a game with them last season when we played Linden, and this year my team and I are hoping to win both times we play them,” Foor said. “Our team is very confident beating Linden because of the chemistry we have from all of the team bonding we have done throughout the season.”

Varsity players are not the only ones who are preparing for the Linden game, all levels are planning on winning the Linden games, and excited to play them.

“I feel really excited and hype when my team plays Linden,” sophomore Connor Griffin said. “My team and I have never beaten Linden. I am preparing personally by staying focused until we play them and working hard at practices. Our team has more talent and is more confident this year about beating them even though our past record isn’t the best.”

As the JV team prepares for the game, the freshman team is hoping to win and keep their undefeated record.

“I feel very confident in myself and my team when we play Linden and that we will pull through, but whatever happens it is just a game in the end and if we do lose we can learn from our mistakes,” freshman Erica Hering said. “We have never lost to Linden in the past six years, so I have a very strong feeling this game will be a good outcome.”

The Fenton Linden game will happen twice this season; the first will happen on Jan. 22 at Fenton. The second game will be held on Feb. 26, where the game will be held at Linden.