Freshman girls basketball beats Imlay City

Cameron Mathews, Online Sports Editor

Having traveled to Imlay City for a non-conference game, the freshman girls basketball team beats the Imlay City lady spartans with a score of 42-11 on Jan. 15. With this win, it improves their overall record to 9-0.

“Imlay City is about an hour from Fenton, and I actually grew up in the general area,” freshman coach Don Kutchey said. “We needed some non-conference games, so Bakker came up to me and asked if we could play against them and I said sure, so that’s how we ended up playing them.”

All players on the team has an equal opportunity to play throughout the game, and all players have had the equal opportunity to score points.

“It allows all of the girls to get the same playing time and to play together; they play really well together,” Kutchey said. “During the game, we had a 14-0 point run over them in the second quarter, and I think they played very well with that.”

Of all 42 points scored during the whole game, freshmen Lauren Murphy and Hanna Chapin both scored the most points, each scoring nine points collectively during the game.

“I feel that although I had a lot of points, it’s more important how many points our team had as a whole,” Chapin said. “I feel that there is always room for improvement, for myself and as a team. Rebounding and defense are just a couple of things we could work on during our practices.”

Chapin predicts that their next game, against Davison, will be close and that if they work hard, they will be able to pull off another win. Their next game is on Jan. 19 at home starting at 4 pm.