World War III: Long time enemies meet in Metro games

Myla Wolosonowich, Writer

In 2015, the varsity football team is focused on beating both Linden and Holly, and not much has changed in that aspect since World War II. Fenton’s rivalry with Holly goes as far back as 1941. Seventy-four years later, Fenton is still focused on beating the same two teams.

“We used to play Holly on Thanksgiving at 10 a.m. as our ‘rival’ game,” 1941 alumnus Bob Harris said. “Linden was too small to be in our district.”

According to Harris, Linden’s small size prevented them from becoming rivals with Fenton for 50 years. The Fenton – Linden game is now one of the biggest games of the year. The varsity football team has made it a team goal not to lose to Linden or Holly. The win is so important to them, that two years ago, they even had a countdown clock in the weight room that showed how much time there was until kick off.

“We are 3-0 against Linden. We’ve won every year against them since I have been in high school,” senior Ben Hajciar said. “With that record, I think we will beat Linden this year. The Fenton – Linden rivalry has been going on for a very long time, and this year is the last game of the regular season making it more special.”

When Fenton plays Linden in any sport, the students hope for a win against the bordering town so they have a better chance at the Metro League title.
“The game against Linden makes the atmosphere of the school and crowd better,” Hajciar said. “Both Holly and Linden are at the top of the Metro League standings, so we have to play a good game. Holly is currently 4-2, and Linden is currently 5-1 and we are tied with Linden in the standings.”

With the football team practicing to get the win against Linden, the girls volleyball team is working to take the Metro League title back this year.

“Our team always feels super confident when we play Linden, but this year we’re getting extra excited for this game,” senior Kate Lewandowski said. “We know they’ll be some of our hardest competition this year, as they always are. Linden always plays tough.”

Although Lewandowski and the team feel Linden will be tough to beat, a decade of history has shown no losses against Linden. The Tigers look to continue this streak.

“We haven’t lost to Linden in the last 10 years; I think that we will be able to do it this year too, because we have a very strong team.” Lewandowski said. “No matter in what sport we play, Linden is always the biggest and important game, and it always feels good to get a win against them.”

The next volleyball game against Linden will be Tuesday, Oct. 27 in Linden and the next football game against Linden will be in Fenton on Friday, Oct. 23.

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