Super Bowl 50: Predictions

Brendan Triola, Writer

1) The Carolina Panthers’ streak of 31 straight games with over 100 rushing yards comes to an end.
The Broncos’ fantastic front seven will punish the Carolina Panthers at the line of scrimmage early and often, forcing the Panthers to have to rely more on the arm of Cam Newton. The Broncos defense is arguably the best in the NFL, with not only a great front seven, but a fantastic covering secondary.

2) Cam Newton will attempt to avoid Chris Harris Jr. at all costs.
With the number of true No. 3 receivers on the Panthers’ roster, it is not clear whether Harris will be shadowing Ted Ginn every single play. Broncos’ corners Aqib Talib and Bradley Roby, however, should have no problem shutting down Jerricho Cotchery, Corey Brown, and Devin Funchess. It shouldn’t be hard for Newton to avoid Harris, as Ted Ginn Jr. should have a blanket on him the entire game. The matchup that Cam will have to look for is how the Broncos cover Greg Olsen. If the Broncos’ linebackers are not containing Olsen well, Cam Newton HAS to execute these opportunities.

3) Luke Kuechly. Again.
It is not a secret to anyone, including Peyton Manning, that sometimes Manning’s’ deep balls wobble like ducks. The last two times that Peyton has played in the Super Bowl, he has not only lost the game, but has thrown a pick-six in both of those games. Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly has two defensive touchdowns in his last two games. Coincidence? I think not. Look for a pick-six by the impressive Carolina defense, and don’t be shocked if Kuechly’s streak is extended to three straight games with a defensive touchdown.

4) The Broncos’ rushing attack will be… ugly
Maybe as a C.J. Anderson fantasy owner, I am biased against the Broncos’ rushing attack. However I do not see either side being able to run the ball well. C.J. Anderson runs like he has cement in his shoes and Ronnie Hillman goes down running through the trenches faster than I can say 50 rushing yards. That is the most rushing yards I am willing to give the Broncos backfield. Impress me, please.

5) Cam Newton will become the face of the NFL
Love him or hate him, if Cam Newton leads the Panthers to a victory this Sunday Sportscenter is finally going to be able to stop comparing the Golden State Warriors to the 84’-85’ Bulls. I mean, for a week or two.
However, on a serious note, Cam winning on the greatest stage of them all will not only solidify him as an elite quarterback (I believe he already is one), but will make him an even bigger public figure than he already is. So many times Cam is on the news about race, being the most successful African American quarterback. But a win will put one more label on Cam. And that is Super Bowl Champion. And although it may not be a bold prediction, he is my pick for Super Bowl 50 MVP.