Program introduces creative writing classes

Kaylee Vasbinder, Features Editor

Southern Lakes Parks and Recreation is known for the opportunities it provides for people to get active. However, SLP&R has introduced creative writing classes to its long list of programs to help give students a chance to express themselves.

“Sometimes writers already have a story they want to tell, but just aren’t sure how to get started,” writing instructor Martha Jerrim said. “Other times writers need a little imaginative push to get started. Either way, in my classes the goal is to get a story on the page.”

Current programs at SLP&R include science fiction and fiction writing. The classes started Nov. 11 and run through Dec. 16.

“We offer two classes for students: Fiction Writing and Science Fiction Writing,” Jerrim said. “Anyone can take Fiction Writing, and we will touch on a lot of different kinds of fiction in that class. There may be some people who are more interested in science fiction or fantasy, and we will be having discussions and readings more tailored to those writing styles.”

The fiction writing class will go in depth on making a story “good.” These workshops are judgement free and engage in guided discussions, mini lectures and open writing time.

“My classes consist of some discussion, reading time, and some writing time,” Jerrim said. “I have fun imagination exercises, flash fiction prompts and other ways for us to get those creative juices flowing. We will talk about how to build characters, enhance descriptions and make stories compelling for the reader.”

The science fiction class will have more extraterrestrial science topics such as aliens or electric cars. Both classes engage in similar topics.
All creative writing classes are instructed by Martha Jerrim at the Fenton Community and Cultural Center.