5 tips for Black Friday

Devon Mann, Writer

Megan photo

1. Have a game plan

Black Friday is all about getting the best deals on the products you want, but that involves knowing exactly what you want to purchase beforehand. If you go to the store with nothing in mind, and just try to shop around, you won’t be able to capitalize on your shopping experience. Plan out your must-have items, and where to get them, and go into that store with those specific purchases in mind.

2. Get the most of your money

Advertisements are the key for a successful Black Friday. Check your local newspaper-and browse online for deals. There are a multitude of in print and online advertisements in the days leading up to Black Friday. You can look at two advertisement spreads for different businesses and search for common items that you want between the two. Compare prices for the best deal and then go to that store. Also, look for additional coupons and promotional deals that the stores may be offering. Bring your chosen ads and coupons with you shopping. Stores sometimes change prices or mark items up then what the original advertisement offered. Bring your ads and you can show them to a store official.

3.The waiting game

The one thing you can expect is waiting in line. If you want to achieve the best deals, you must be at the store early in order to be one of the first people inside the building. The quicker you’re in the store, the quicker you can buy your items and be out. You should know when specific stores open on Black Friday, and come ahead of time. People sometimes stand outside the store hours ahead of opening, in lines that stretch around the entire building. Black Friday is Nov. 27, and with typical Michigan weather, the night will be cold. Dress warm and bundle up. The only thing that can make standing in line worse is if you’re freezing the entire time. You can opt to come later in the night, after the lines have dispersed and you no longer have to wait outside, but if you do this, you risk the products you want being sold-out.

4.The rush inside

After the long wait, the store will open. Employees will open the doors to the building, and frantic shoppers will begin to hurry into the store. This is the most dangerous part of the entire shopping experience. Many times people are pushed, shoved and trampled while trying to enter the store. This can result in serious injuries. The most important thing to remember is to stay calm and collected. If you push and shove people, they will shove back. Just behave in an orderly manner, and the entire experience will be better. You have to wait no matter what, so don’t cause chaos while going in the store. There are plenty of products to go around if you are there on time.

5. Visit multiple retailers

As stated before, different stores will offer many different deals. If there are different items that you must have, but they are located at different stores, make a trip to both! Try visiting all the retailers in your local area to find the best products. You don’t need to compromise some items for others. Just go about your shopping quickly in order to visit all the stores that you want to in a timely manner.