Unique traditions have people gobbling

Emma Coffey, Writer

Many people may think that the most common theme of Thanksgiving is to stuff your face with as much mashed potatoes and turkey as possible before passing out into a food coma. However, some people don’t follow such traditions so closely.

“I’ll go outside for a couple hours to play a family soccer game,” Graham said. “After dinner we usually watch some sort of soccer game.”

Instead of a football based Thanksgiving like most enjoy, the Graham family are united by a common sport.

“Lilah, my nine-year-old sister, started playing soccer a few years ago, so we started following the women’s teams and it just kinda stuck,” Graham said. “Also, my little brother Luke started playing this year so it’s kinda a family sport now.”

Unlike Graham, Fletcher Thanksgiving doesn’t revolve around a sport at all. Their family time is spent thinking about what’s ahead: Christmas.

“Me, my kids, sister, and husband put our names into a hat with what we want for Christmas and a money limit,” Fletcher said. “It’s fun to see what you can get with a certain amount of money and we don’t have to break the bank getting everyone presents.”

Fletcher isn’t the only one participating in activities involving the hope for money and presents. Senior Emma Bellini scratches lottery tickets on Thanksgiving.

“My grandma always buys one lottery ticket for everyone in the family just for something fun to do, it’s like a little treat,” Bellini said. “We’ve done it every year. It’s fun because at least one of us will win 5 to 10 dollars and it’s a little excitement on top if spending time with family and being together.”

Unlike Fletcher, Graham, and Bellini, senior and foreign exchange student from Norway Guro Stastad will be celebrating her very first Thanksgiving.

“I’m spending Thanksgiving with my host family, Mrs. Grady and her family.” Stastad said. “I am excited to be participating in my first Thanksgiving because everyone tells me the food is amazing and I want to see if they’re lying to me or not.”

Whether it’s a Thanksgiving spent scratching lottery tickets or playing soccer with the family, this holiday will always be diverse for every individual.
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