Keep an eye out for these athletes this season

Carly Riggs, Opinion Editor

5:30 a.m., Zac Miceli and the rest of the swim team are practicing, doing laps around the pool while many other students are asleep in their beds. 2:30 p.m., Tommy Adams and wrestling athletes are while other students are on their way home. 4:30 p.m., Natalie Miller and the hockey athletes are on the ice going through their practice while other students are doing homework Dedication and a hard working spirit are shown in a few special winter sport athletes.


Tommy Adams
Grade 10

Coach: “They have been working very hard and have enough experience under their belt for them to succeed,” coach Bruce Burwitz said. “Athletes like Tommy Adams and are great at showing just how hard they are willing to work.”
Adams: “I have high hopes for this season. I really want to make it to states. I also want to have less than 10 losses, I think that with hard work, dedication and lots of practice we can achieve these goals.”


Jordynn Bloss
Grade 11

Coach: “Jordynn Bloss is someone to watch,” coach Kristi Damon-Webster said. “Jordynn continues to improve and will be have her back tuck this competitive season. She’s getting close to it. Jordynn is also training outside of practice and that is very evident.”
Bloss: “I have been on the varsity competitive cheer team all three years. My goals is to hitting my stunts, improve and grow as a team and become closer with the younger girls that I will be leading next year.”


Zoe Weinberg
Grade 11

Coach: “Zoe Weinberg is an athlete to look for,” coach Tim Hiscock said. “She was state champion. She is can repeat her performance from last year, and win states in both disciplines.
Weinberg: “This season I want to focus on my training not my racing. My team shows a lot of progress. We have young athletes and they are becoming a lot more experienced. I’m excited for how much we can grow and improve this year. My goal for the season is to try to repeat my championship.”


Zac Miceli
Grade 12

Coach: “A swimmer to look for is Zac Miceli; I mean, have you seen him? He’s gorgeous,” coach Brad Jones said. “In all seriousness, he is a returning all stater, a great athlete, and I think that he will break three school records.”
Miceli: “I have broken many records on the team and also qualified for states. I plan to break some records that have been up there for over 20 years. Practices take up about 4 hours of my day and I have other activities. I have almost no free time in the winter.”


Natalie Miller
Grade 11

Coach: “Natalie Miller stands out to me,” coach Will Dawson said. “Natalie played the last few years so she has experience compared to others who started this fall. All of them show dedication and teamwork.”
Miller: “Freshman year we had a different coach and I was goalie, which I enjoyed. We are a really good team. Even though we lost some seniors, we have freshman who are showing as lot of improvement. My goal is to be Metro League champions. I just want to win some games and play like a team.”


Peyton Coffman
Grade 12

Coach: “Peyton Coffman is one to watch, we haven’t started training yet and I’m new to coaching but I’ve seen him work through the years and I’m very impressed,” coach John Gilbert said. “Who knows though, it’ll all depend on how they work with me this season.”
Coffman:“I think the season will go really well. Some goals I have are to beat Holly and Linden, make metro league championship and hopefully accomplish a district title.”