NSPA judge awards 2015 Fentonian with a nearly perfect score

Emily Battaglia, News Editor

Every year, the Fentonian staff sends in a copy of the yearbook to the National Scholastic Press Association, a journalism association based out of Minnesota, for an evaluation. After submitting the 2015 book this past September, the staff received its results back and were awarded with a perfect score.

“The time spent on the book and the connections in the class all contributed to the perfect score,” Editor-in-Chief Hannah Swain said. “The staff members were open to critiques and everyone seemed to like what we were doing with the pages.”

The book is scored out of 1000 points in the sections of photo, design and theme coverage. The book’s score was the best it had been in three years.

“This sets the bar high because it is really hard to get a perfect evaluation,” Swain said. “The staff will have to work hard to make this year’s book as good as last year’s.”

Even though the staff has a few months left to work, they have less time than last year because of the book’s publication in the Spring.