A walk in my shoes: Cassidy Curtis


Shealyn Mandle, Editor in Chief

Keeping track of a younger sibling can be tough. Keeping track of four younger siblings that all happen to be boys, with separated parents can be even more tough. Senior Cassidy Curtis has been taking on the responsibilities of being an older sibling since she was eight years old.

Curtis’ parents split up when she was in seventh grade. Her parents getting a divorce did not affect her much because she knew things would be better off that way. With the changes in setting, she had to start doing a lot more to take care of her brothers. All the children started off going back and forth between their mom and dad’s. When at their father’s house, Curtis explained how she had to do almost everything for the boys. She had to make sure they took showers, she had to make sure they ate something for dinner and she had to make sure they were prepared for school. Doing this can be especially hard when the boys do not listen. They will ignore or disobey Curtis’ demands and at times will make it impossible for her to keep track of them and their actions.

Curtis had to miss out on a lot of events when she was growing up because she would always have to babysit her brothers. Because her mom owns a salon and is busy doing work-related things 6 days out of the week, she still has to take time to drive them to their friends, to their games, pick up food for them, take them to school, etc.

Now, Curtis does not live with her dad at all due to their disagreements. Technically, by law she should have to spend time with him but the two mutually do not make an effort and this does not affect her. She still has to take her brother’s to their dads and deal with many responsibilities.

Although it is tough, she gets a sense of relief from taking care of her brothers. At the end of the day because she knows they have everything they need, and if they’re situated, she is happy and her mom is happy. Curtis helps her mom out a lot because she does a lot for Cassidy and the boys. They would not be living the way they are without their mother. Her mom would do anything for any of her children and that is why Curtis thinks she owes it to her to help.