Fenton leading for the All-Sports Trophy

Hannah Clarke

Cameron Mathews, Online Sports Editor

At the end of the fall athletic season in competition for the Metro League title, Fenton leads over second place Brandon with 19 points in the race for the Metro League All-Sports Trophy.

“This fall season was phenomenal,” Athletic Director Mike Bakker said. “Not a single team finished below third place; it is actually unheard of, for one school.”

According to Bakker, one of the reasons for Fenton to pull ahead is due to the large amount of graduated athletes lost from the previous year.
“The biggest competition for us was Flushing; they were very dominant last year, but this year, they are in third,” Bakker said. “They had a lot of talented seniors last year, so that puts them into a ‘rebuilding’ time. That gave us the opportunity to pull ahead.”

One factor was the students; all athletes contributed to the current League standings through participating in their respective sports, but some further helped by competing in more than one sport.

“It’s nice to see students contribute and be a part of these teams and supporting one another within the teams and supporting other teams,” Bakker said. “A couple students were good examples of this. Bri Costigan joined the cross country team, which was second team in the league; she also got back into swimming and was able to go to states. Isaac Moore plays soccer and joined the cross country team; he was able to help contribute to the team going to regionals.”
Metro-Trophy-onlinePHOTO Lauren Gruber
The All-Sports Trophy is the by-product of the efforts from each athlete gives during the season.

“It is ultimately our goal to get this, but I feel that shows the hard work and dedication of our athletes each season,” Bakker said. “Out of the years that I have been in different schools, whether it be coaching or as the Athletic Director, not every league does this [award an All-Sports Trophy]; they run differently than our league does. I think that the All-Sports Trophy is special to our league.”

Points for the trophy will be updated after the final Metro competition for the winter sports and again in the spring.