Sadie’s dance to be rescheduled due to low ticket sales


Alexis Megdanoff, Editor in Chief

The annual Sadie’s dance, which was originally scheduled to take place Feb. 27, was cancelled Feb. 26 because of low ticket sales and bad weather. About 50 tickets had been sold by Feb. 23, and Student Council needed to sell approximately 300 in order to hold the dance.

“Usually we see the most tickets sold on the Thursday and Friday before the dance because people will decide at the last minute if they are going to go or not,” Student Council All-School Vice President Sam Gehm said. “Because we had the three snow days, we didn’t have the opportunity to sell anymore.”

Student Council is working with Athletic Director Michael Bakker to reschedule the dance for another weekend.

“It’s a lot to work out with Bakker and the different sports,” Gehm said, “but we are just waiting to hear a response.”

An announcement will be released as soon as a new date for the dance is finalized. Ticket sale dates will also be announced at this time.