Restaurant Review: Cancun Mexican restaurant and Cantina

Tess DeGayner, Assistant Editor

What was once the Classic Family Restaurant off of North Leroy, has now been transformed into the Cancun Mexican restaurant and Cantina. After the opening in March 2016, Cancun has been busy with people all over the community looking to grab a spicy bite.

I had the chance to try it out for myself. Upon arrival, the parking lot makes it look overwhelmingly crowded; luckily, the wait time for a large party was less than five minutes. This is impressive based on the looks of the lot. The server directed us to a table to fit our big party and another server immediately placed plenty of chips and salsa on the table.

The restaurant was filled with Mexican themed decor. Artwork and sculptures of bright colored are displayed throughout to liven the theme of Cancún, Mexico.

The warm, baked chips and the chilled salsa that was mild in flavor was the perfect combo. The appetizer did not last, so it was a good that there was a waiter who was checking in every seven minutes.

The menu is full of any kind of Mexican food you can imagine, but that’s expected right? In order to try it all you would have to go there everyday for the rest of this year. Personally, I am picky with my Mexican foods and I don’t usually go for spicy items. Closest thing I’ve gotten to Mexican food before was, Taco Bell. Therefore, my safest bet was the nacho supreme minus all that hot stuff. It was difficult to order, the atmosphere is loud, I guess it fits the fiesta theme. The sound would have been reduced if the TV wasn’t playing the same commercial over and over again. I had to repeat myself a couple of times, I don’t know if it was because of my English or the background noise.

When my meal arrived, it was my instinct to dump the remaining salsa onto my nachos, which I highly recommend doing. My eyes had been bigger than my stomach but the food was good so I went on. For about $11 worth of food, you definitely get your money’s worth.