Due date to turn in applications for Girls in Business is approaching

Jennifer Eisenbeis, Breaking News Editor

Only three days remain for junior and senior girls to register for Girls in Business, a workshop that will allow them to mingle and learn from women who hold high power positions in local companies.

“Girls in Business is not just for business majors because the people who are there are in all types of businesses,” career coordinator Cheryl Reardon said. “It’s to network with women and to see how they work. We’re trying to get the word out that it is not just for business majors. It’s an all day event. Where women share their story and these women give up an entire day to give advice, and work with and interact with young women.”

Girls in Business is an opportunity to make connections with business women in and around the community. The speakers give the students their contact information so that the students can contact them after the event if they want to.

“What’s really a big deal is the women give all the girls their personal email addresses so they can contact them later. Most of them are in a very high level in the company, if they don’t own it,” Reardon said. “It’s something you could never replace; it’s very inspirational. These women encourage the students to follow their dreams even though they may not take a direct route.”

Students who attend GCI are allowed to go must have Assistant Principal Laura Lemke sign a letter that will excuse them from GCI for the day. The absence will count as an excused absence from school.

For those interested in applying for the workshop, there is still time left to apply. Applications are in the counseling office and are due by March 11.