Sophomores continue to work on Personal Project as final project deadline approaches

Olivia Diesch, Writer

For years, sophomore have had to complete a research project as a requirement under the IB Diploma program. Although the school is no longer an IB MYP school, sophomores will continue to complete the Personal Project because of the certain qualities that it promotes.

“Even though we are no longer an IB school, the staff thought that the personal project is a good experience,” principal Mark Suchowski said. “It helps kids who are already good at researching and writing by giving them some extra practice, but it also has helped the kids who usually don’t have those same skills.”

Each student must turn in a completed journal entry to their SRT teacher that is a part of the included grade for the project. These journal entries help sophomores to write the required essay that is due when the project is finished.

“When the staff sat down to discuss the Personal Project,” Suchowski said. “We talked about what we would change because it is not an IB program for us anymore. The teachers wanted to take out part where student just did whatever, and we added a series of journal entries to help with the process.”

Because of the recent removal of the IB Diploma project from Fenton schools, many students questioned if the Personal Project would remain in effect.

“The project that I’m doing the benefits of running and how it can help the body,” sophomore Madeline Johnson said. “I think the project would be way better if it was taken more seriously by all of the students. It has been put off until last minute by most people and they haven’t done it to the best of their ability.”

For many students, the Personal Project has been an unpleasant experience. Many reasons for students disliking the project range from confusing directions to unclear deadlines.

“I’m doing my project on carpentry and building,” sophomore Caleb Long said. “There really isn’t a lot of direction with the project. As a class, we really don’t know what’s always going on. Even some of the teachers are confused about what is supposed to be turned in and accomplished at certain dates.”

For others, the personal project has been a learning experience.

“Unlike most of my classmates, I personally think that the Personal Project is cool,” said sophomore Ethan Krantz. “I like the aspect of learning new things and having to put it all together. It would have been more helpful to have more deadlines and more steps of what to do.”

The showcase that will feature all of these projects will take place on Apr. 26 at Fenton High School from 6:30-8:30 and will be open to the public.