First game and win of the season by varsity softball against Goodrich


PHOTO Macyn Stevens

Sophomore Molly Gundry swings at the ball while up at bat.

Jennifer Eisenbeis, Online Breaking News Editor

Varsity softball played Goodrich for its first game of the year. During the game, sophomore Libby Carpenter caught two fly balls, getting two players out and leading the team toward victory.

The Lady Tigers were tied with Goodrich during the seventh inning. The last point was scored when junior Logan Carter hit a single and brought her sister, freshman Erin Carter, in to score her first run of the season.

“I enjoy being on the same team as my sister because I get to see her play and I get to be both a sister and a teammate,” junior Logan Carter said. “I felt excited for her I know she didn’t do as well as she would have liked that game but for her to have a positive to look at excited me and that I could give it to her was special.”

For some players, it was their first varsity softball game they have played.

“I was really nervous,” sophomore Molly Gundry said. “I was scared to play but after the first couple innings the nerves went away and I started to have a lot of fun.”

Going into the game, the team only had one outdoor practice, and the other practices were held inside because of the weather.

“The team did well. We were very energetic and it was showing on the field. I think our season is going to be great and a big factor of that is how we act as a team,” junior Maddie Welch said. “We work so well together and it shows. I felt good going into the game, we only had one outdoor practice through so we hadn’t had much time to practice outside.”

However, even with the lack of outdoor practices, the team started the season with a win.

“I am proud of the team,” coach Stephanie Roberts said. “There were a lot of days where it was rainy and the field was in conditions where practicing inside was a better option and benefited the girls better. Even with this, to start off the season with a win is a great confidence booster, and seeing the girls get so into it and cheering for their teammates is something that I like to see. We could better a few things, like catching fly balls, or hitting, but the skills we showed today were, for the most part, very good.”

The game ended with a 4-3 win for the Tigers. Their next game is at Howell on April 12.