JV boys’ golf first tournament of the season

McKenzie Lookebill, Writer

The JV boys golf team made its way to Dunham Hills in Hartland for its  first tournament of the season on Apr. 18. The boys placed in the middle of the other teams, but learned what they needed to work on, skill wise, and mentally.

“I finished first for Fenton at the tournament. I shot a 94, I played good on both the front and back nine, but I screwed up the last three on the front for a poor score there, but then I picked up the slack on the back,” sophomore Edward Farrell said. “As a team, we finished in the middle of the pack, which I don’t think anybody was too happy about. However we do have a lot of new golfers this year which is very exciting for future years.”

The freshman experienced playing on another course, which can benefit them for future seasons.

“I think we did well but the greens were faster than at our home course so it just took a while to get used to how fast they were,” freshman Logan Lake said. “This tournament prepared us for the next match by letting us know to take our time on the practice green before the match starts to get used to its speed.”

Even though the boys placed in the middle of the other teams, their mentality throughout the tournament was not always this strong.

“This tournament taught the new golfers that they can’t expect to come onto the scene winning,” Farrell said. “They learned that you have to work hard to obtain great results. They were taught a hard lesson but I think that it will end up benefiting their work ethic and effort in the long run.”

The boys expect to practice more to reduce plays in their next tournament on May 2 at 9 p.m.