FHS team ties with Brandon for first at the 34th Annual FML Math and Science Competition

Alexis Megdanoff, Editor in Chief

Fourteen students headed to Holly High School last week on Tuesday for the 34th annual Flint Metro League Math and Science Competition to face all the high schools in the Flint Metro League to test their knowledge of various math and science courses. After various paper tests, labs, and team competitions, FHS brought home eight individual medals from 14 categories and tied for first overall with Brandon.

“It’s one day, and it kind of passes by really fast, but it’s definitely like a celebration. How often do kids sit around and get excited about taking a test? I didn’t hear one person complain,” FHS team adviser and chemistry teacher Jason Kasak said. “It’s a chance to show off a little bit and cheer for each other. It’s a time to get excited and show everybody what you know. You put the hard work in and get recognition for it.”

Kasak has been an organizer for FHS for 12 years. He and math teacher Renae Muzer choose the teammates every year and encourage other teachers to pick students who are independent and good test takers who enjoy the material. Some students, like senior Donald Rositano, even choose to come back every year to participate in different subjects.

“My freshman year Mr. Burns asked me if I wanted to attend for physical science,” Rositano said. “I had no idea what it was, but it sounded cool, so I went. When I saw the opportunities there my freshman year, it made me want to keep going and see what else I could do.”

Prior to competing, Kasak recommends students study the material to refresh their memory. Most accomplish this by reviewing their textbooks, discussing with their teachers, or watching YouTube videos.

While winning this competition is not very well known, there are certain benefits for students who attend.

“Definitely I think it’s a moral boost for the students,” Kasak said. “That same day, I have multiple students saying they want to do it again and that they need to remember to come talk to me early next year about getting a spot. Even though it is relatively a small deal, people are thinking a year in advance. To be rewarded for something they enjoy doing is something to look forward to.”

After placing in the top three for eight subjects and bringing home the trophy for the first time since 2004, members of the FHS team gathered in the library for a team picture to remember this day. Now FHS can advertise top skills in academics and athletics with the FML trophies and plaques to speak for them.