JV baseball shuts out the Lake Fenton Blue Devils in second game of series

Devon Mann, Writer

The Fenton JV baseball team rallied to beat the Lake Fenton Blue Devils in the final game of a doubleheader series this past week. The Tigers had suffered a loss in the first of two away games on May 23, falling 4-2 to the Blue Devils. In the second game on May 25, sophomore Tommy Adams pitched a no hitter to beat Lake Fenton by a score of 9-0.

“The [first] game was pretty evenly matched until the final few innings,” sophomore AJ Lepage said. “Lake Fenton came out of nowhere and made runs that clinched the game for them. After losing, we were even more determined to do well in the second game.”

The Tigers and Blue Devils were neck and neck until the fifth inning when Lake Fenton scored four runs against the Tigers. Next at bat, sophomore Logan Benson responded with an RBI.

“The first few innings went really well, but we really just fell apart in the end,” sophomore Casey Reeves said. “Lake Fenton really started playing hard and we just couldn’t keep up as a team, we didn’t play as hard as we could have.”

After the fifth inning, neither team scored for the remainder of the game. Even with the two runs brought in from Benson and Adams, the Tigers could not match the Blue Devils’ score. Fenton went home defeated and returned two days later to face Lake Fenton again.

“We really came back with a determined mentality, having in mind exactly what we needed to do in order to redeem ourselves against Lake Fenton,” Lepage said. “The issue we’ve been dealing with this year is consistency, and in the first game we were just not consistent enough to keep up. Our goal for the second game was just to try and play to the best of our abilities, because we know we can play much better than we did.”

Adams pitched the entire game without allowing a single hit. The game lasted for five innings, during which the Tigers had 13 hits and 9 runs. Hits came from players Noah Stark, Tommy Adams, Baylor Hamilton, Noah Stark, AJ Lepage, Tristan Przybylowicz and Casey Reeves.

“It’s like the loss against Lake Fenton in the first game lit a fire under us,” freshman Logan Welch said. “Even though our team is a mixture of grades, we’re all very close. Coming into the second game we really pulled ourselves together and just did what we had to do.”

The JV boys have their eyes set on their double header later this week. Fenton has to battle Flushing in a two game series. The result of these games will determine the Tigers’ overall ranking going into Metro Championships.

“As of now, we are ranked first in the Metro League and we’re looking to keep that position,” Lepage said. “However, that all will come down to the results of this tournament. We have to beat Flushing to maintain number one. The results will either be a boost or loss of confidence going into the championships.”

The tournament against Flushing will be played at Flushing High School on June 2 at 4 pm. After the tournament, the Tigers will face off in the Metro League championship on June 4.