SRT differentiate academic and travel time

SRT differentiate academic and travel time

Ellie Bennett, News Editor

Students walking around the hallway with no planner, pass or reason to be in the hall are taking their daily SRT stroll around the school during the first part of SRT. These students are supposed to be in class studying, reading, or doing homework. This school year Mr. Suchowski and the Aids are going to be in the halls during this time to make sure that students follow the rules.

“This time schedule has been in place for past years but was never enforced,” Principal Mark Suchowski said. “I decide to bring this up to the teachers during one of our meetings after seeing multiple students last year break this rule. When brought up to the teachers a few of them agreed that they saw the same thing.”


With these rules now being enforced more harshly if you don’t have a planner, press pass, or are called down for a meeting or rehearsal there will consequences.

“If an Aid see a student not following the rules they will be sent back to SRT and it will be seen as the students mistake,” Suchowski said. “If the same student is seen again breaking the rule again it will be seen as the teacher fault. We are trying to crack down this year on this rule and have it become a known thing in this school.”

The first academic time equals no travel, this is from 9:25 to 10. Then students can travel 10 to 10:05 but after that second academic time starts and this also means to no travel. At 10:40 everyone has to start heading back to class.