Earn a free yearbook, participate in Club’s Choice fundraiser

Tess DeGayner, Website Editor in Chief

The Club’s Choice fundraiser is provided by the publications staff for the student body to sell enough items to get a free yearbook. Each school year there are two fundraising opportunities. The current one happens in the fall time to help students who struggle financially, have a shot at getting a yearbook. This opportunity ends Sept. 23. The second is typically exclusive to both newspaper and yearbook staff to fund necessary costs for the class.

If interested in participating in the school wide fundraiser, click here to view the brochure of available items or come see adviser Pamela Bunka in room 5-109.

The current sale for the yearbooks is to buy name stamping and get four free icons. This sale ends Sept. 30.

UPDATE Sept. 27: The deliver dates have been postponed due to the lack of participants meeting the original due date. However, the yearbook sale remains the same, ending on Sept. 30.