Fenton farm hosts a picnic event to show gratitude to law enforcement

Tess DeGayner, Website Editor in Chief

To counteract what they feel is negative press, the Windwalker Farm is hosting an event in honor of the local police departments. The First Annual Police Officer Appreciation Picnic will be Saturday, Sept. 24 at 2p.m. with the intent of holding one each year on the third Saturday of every September.

“Basically we are tired of the negative press police officers have been getting lately,” farm owner Tim Scarberry said. “I understand that there are some police officers who are not good but for the most part they go far and large to do great things for the community. I just want to let them know that there are people who support them.”

In January, freshman Bailey Parker lost her father who was apart of the Flint Township police department. She and her family members, including her brother, sophomore Laursen Parker, will be attending the event to surround themselves with police and citizens who are attending the picnic.

“My mom told me about [the event],” Bailey Parker said. “She said the department that my dad worked with was going and it would be a nice get together. My dad worked for Flint Township, he was always working and always doing his best to provide for the family and he was really the man of the house, always there for everyone, he was, he brought a big a happy presence to the room wherever he was at and it just made everything better. This event is special to my family and I so we can get closer with the police department again.”

Fenton boys soccer will also be present to join the community in the multiple activities and ceremonies that will take place, such as going over proper ediquette for the Nation Anthem.

“We hope that law enforcement finds the gratitude from the people here at the event,” Scarberry said. “We intend on having a ceremony to honor the flag, to bring some respect back into the country because we feel that people lack respect for authorities.”

There, the farm will be collecting donations that will be then be sent to an organization that is dedicated to law enforcement’s protection, Concern Over Police Safety (C.O.P.S). The picnic is at 9204 Valley View Dr. Fenton, Michigan. For any other information visit the Windwalker Farm’s website.