Fenton school district searches for a new IB Diploma coordinator

Audrey Strickhouser, Writer

For the more than 800 students who challenge themselves with an IB course, the empty position of the DP Coordinator is a major problem. Although the IB tests aren’t for another seven – eight months, a coordinator is needed soon so that the teachers can be notified of new curriculums for students to be able to achieve the best possible test scores.

The IB Diploma program has been a part of the Fenton school district for eight years, it is what sets this school apart from other districts. Since implementing the IB program, it has impacted students from K – 12. Many students challenge themselves to receive an IB diploma, but in order to complete the challenge they need guidance from an IB Diploma Coordinator, and right now one is in high demand.

“The DP Coordinator is the person who consistently updates us on information regarding the IB Diploma Program,” junior Riley Shegos said. “This is the main person that we can always rely on too help us through struggles with courses because they know everything about the program. We would not be able to get our diplomas without them; they are essential.”

Former MYP Coordinator, Heather Mulligan, was informed by Deanna Baker, former DP Coordinator, that she would not be continuing her job this school year, and that she would be returning to the classroom to teach literature. The DP Coordinator is not only important to students, but also important for teachers.

“One of the jobs of the IB Coordinator is to inform teachers about new publications and policies at the beginning of the year to insure we have the most updated guides and forms that become the cover sheets for the submitted work,” Mulligan said. “Their job is to also be sure that we are aware of any changes to the curriculum that need to be implemented before the assessments.”

There are many qualifications and factors that contribute to the search for a new DP Coordinator that principal Mark Suchowski is looking for.

“We are really looking for someone who has already done the job and has experience,” Suchowski said. “We want the DP Coordinator to be aware of the benefits of IB. We also would like the new coordinator to be organized, efficient, and be a good communicator. They should be willing to put in whatever it takes to get the job done.”

Within the school the question still remains when the new IB Coordinator will be put into place and Suchowski is still searching for the right person to fit the bill.