IB Theatre hosts the annual Talent Show


PHOTO Erica Kolanowski

Performing at his last talent show, senior Brennen Henson sings and plays his guitar to Adele’s “When we were young”. The night consisted of many talented students singing, dancing, and playing instruments competing for 1st place.

Brendan Triola, Sports Editor

IB Theatre hosted their annual talent show on Friday, Oct 14. Seniors Brennen Henson and Camilla Graglia tied for second place, and sophomore Sara Wenz took home the gold.

“I performed a song that meant a lot to me, especially with my senior year going on,” Henson said. “I sang ‘When We Were Young” by Adele, which is about growing older, without losing the child inside of you.”

Throughout the night a number talents were put on display, from singing, to dancing, to an original short film put on display. Graglia performed a ballet dance to the song “When Will My Life Begin”.

“This was a Disney song from the movie, ‘Tangled’.” Graglia said. “I really love this song, and I love to perform. I was so happy to see I got second place.”

In between all of the acts, theatre students put on “television show” themed transitions. These included skits from “The Office”, “iCarly”, “The Walking Dead”, and the Presidential Debates. As the judges were tallying their votes, a group of girls from IB Theatre performed a lip sync rendition of “Spice Girls”.

“Obviously I was baby spice”, senior Chapin Kartsounes said. “Getting ready to perform this in front of everybody was a blast.”

IB Theatre will be presenting “The Little Prince”, an all school play at the Ruby Zima Auditorium from Nov 10-12.