Commentary: Clinton will bring the nation together

Devon Mann, Features Editor

Throughout the history of the United States, there has never been a more unorthodox election than this one. Both presidential forerunners have respectively broken barriers that would have inhibited others in the past, but one candidate has distinguished herself from the other. She has shown dignity and esteem in this election, and proven she is ready for the task of leading America. This candidate is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

My views do lean to the left, and as a pro-choice, pro-feminist, Pro-LGBTQ rights, pro-racial equality, and a pro gun-control advocate, Clinton represents everything I believe in. But, it is not only Clinton’s views that make her the most attractive candidate. She simply has the experience needed to be president.

During her tenure in politics, Clinton has served as a US senator of New York and Secretary of State. In her 38 years of public service, Clinton has affected change which has helped millions of Americans. From her work in making health care readily available to more than eight million American children in her Children’s Health Insurance Program legislation of 1997, or one of the many occasions when she worked with United Nations in the ‘90s to advocate for women’s rights to education, or her human rights work to ensure expanded rights to LGBTQ people worldwide, Clinton has proven that she wants to help create a better world.

Clinton has shown that she’s not a new player in the game of politics. With her numerous years of public service, Clinton has developed a vision to reform America. Most notably, Clinton plans on refinancing the middle class, those being the citizens most greatly affected with the Great Recession of 2008. Clinton proposes a new tax program that would increase the amount of money that the most wealthy in America have to pay in taxes. Doing this would redistribute the wealth among classes.

With the gun violence epidemic at an all time high, resulting in 12,000 homicides a year, Clinton is in favor of stricter gun control legislation. While she recognizes the validity of the Second Amendment, Clinton will initiate stricter background checks which will make it harder for violent criminals and terrorists to procure guns legally in America.

The president should be someone who can bring this nation together. The America that I envision is a land in which people can celebrate our commonalities rather than our differences. A land in which we love our fellow citizens; despite racial, religious, or ethnic divergences. Clinton is the only candidate capable of achieving this. At this point, electing Clinton to office is the only way to save this nation from falling into a state of chaos. I urge anyone who is eligible to vote, and who plan on doing so, to vote for Clinton.