IB and Key Club members get school-wide support for bottle drive

Lauren Koscielniak, Writer

Full IB students and Key Club members are working together to collect plastic bottles and cans as a fundraiser to donate food to the Fenton community for the holidays.

Students decided to put posters and bins around the school as a way to announce the project. Members also visited each SRT and explained what they were doing, their cause and how the entire student body could help out.

“We are helping both Key Club and our community,” full IB senior Demi Ruiz said. “Every school and community has programs and fundraisers like this, so it is just another way to raise money and help the people around us.”

A couple of the IB members have mentioned that collecting bottles and cans is probably the easiest way to get the student body involved, mainly because it does not take much work. Even if getting involved with the IB and Key Club programs is not common among the students, getting involved with the community is, and this is how they are helping students do that.

“This is probably one of the first times I’ve actually organized something solely by myself,” IB senior Haylee Skank said. “We were kind of worried . . . but we got a huge response from it, seeing that people actually wanted to help.”

After collecting bottles and cans, students who organized the fundraiser will take them to the bottle return at a local grocery store. The money will be given to Key Club who will use it to buy the food and make food baskets for the Fenton community.

Ruiz, Skank and their IB classmates have earned more than $350 since the end date, Nov 18.