Students dress in purple for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness day


PHOTO Matthew Celotto

Sophomores Sara Eisenbeis and Makayla Murphy show excitement to help spread awareness about pancreatic cancer by wearing purple just like many other student at Fenton High School.

Madi Wheeler, Writer

On Thursday Nov. 17, both FHS and AGS students dressed in purple to support Pancreatic Cancer awareness day.

“The color purple is the color for Pancreatic cancer,” senior Troy Smigielski said. “November is the month for Pancreatic Cancer awareness so that is why we do the purple out in November.”

The purple out holds a special place in some students hearts.

“My grandma battled pancreatic cancer for a short amount of time and she passed away in December,” senior Kiley Aldred said. “It was the toughest thing I’ve ever had to go through, she was my best friend. Seeing people wear purple to bring awareness to pancreatic cancer would be awesome because it definitely needs to be recognized more.”

While to some this is a way of remembering a loved one, others hope that this event will inspire students to possibly want to cure this cancer one day.

“Maybe a student at our school will go into research and remember our purple outs and work towards finding a solution,” AGS teacher Jill Smigielski said. “I also believe knowledge is power and the more we know, the better off we all are. And for students, I always think it’s a great thing to help them be aware of causes and how to help out in a constructive way.”

This was the second year that the entire school district has participated in Pancreatic Cancer awareness day after the Smigielski’s started it with the student council last year. Many students participated in this day and in spreading awareness about the cancer.