Open Mic Poetry Night held at the Methodist Church Downtown

Amber Kelly, Writer

For one night only the Family Life Center of Fenton will be transformed into an auditorium for Open Mic Poetry Night. This event takes place Nov. 18, from 7-10 p.m.. Volunteers who perform in the show will be adding their name to a call sheet before the show and performing as they’re called up to the stage.

One of the main purposes of Poetry Night is to allow participants to express their creativity. Junior Laura Albrant is one of the five featured writers in the show.

“It’s cool that people can just come and share,” Junior Sam Baxter said. “Whether it’s just a poem, or writing, or their musical talents.”

Baxter felt the same way, she is helping out with the event by running the concession stand.

“I was pretty hesitant because I wasn’t sure I could read anything to a crowd well. But I ended saying yes with some blind courage,” Albrant said. “And I get to share my poetry with a really excepting crowd.”

There are a few featured writers who are performing in the event who are adult members of the church, but it is mainly young writers or musicians who are volunteering to perform.

Another part of Poetry Night is giving writers and musicians a platform to show off their talents. Albrant is excited about finally being able to share her poetry.

“I’ll be sharing a poem called “Why Did the Turkey Cross the Road” for my featured poet part with the theme of Thanksgiving,” Albrant said. “And then I’ll share another poem or two and possibly a short story during the open mic part.”

The Family Life Center of Fenton provides an accepting crowd for participants to share their poetry and music talents. As stated previously, Open Mic Poetry Night takes place on Nov. 18 from 7-10 p.m..