Seniors Brooke Mock and Evan Rudzinsky work Fenton Farmer’s market

Lilly McKee, Writer

The Fenton Farmers Market works with, and for farmers market organizers, managers, farmers, vendors and friends to create a thriving marketplace for local food and farm products. According to The Michigan Farmers Market Association website, there are also various types of merchandise on display. For example, the Farmers Market doesn’t only sell veggies and pies, but many people sell bracelets and clothing. For kids there’s face paint and the honey sticks that are very popular along with Henna tattoos.

“I sell jewelry, mostly bracelets at the Fenton Farmers Market,” senior Brooke Mock said. “This is my first year at the market and I think Evan and I both did really well. I sold a lot and kept having to make a ton more every week.”

Mock and senior Evan Rudzinsky worked the Farmers Market together. They felt it was a good opportunity to make money and become involved in the community.

“The Farmers Market is awesome because it really gets the people of Fenton involved in the community,” Mock said. “We get to share our creativity, especially with us being high schoolers, it really shows that young people can be a part of a community event like the Fenton Farmers Market and can encourage other people to do it too.”

There are many different booths at the Fenton Farmers Market, offering many different products, and it seems that everyone has a favorite.

“My favorite booth was the Henna tattoo,” Rudzinsky said. “The people next to our booth had Henna tattoos and we thought it was really cool. It was very popular with a lot of people, they had like a 20 minute wait.”

The Fenton Farmers market offers everything from fresh fruits, vegetables, to fall flowers and unique artisan creations. The last famers market was Sept. 22. Students from of Fenton High are already involved in this community event and encourage other students to get involved as well.