2017 Fentonian Theme: Right Here, Right Now

Tess DeGayner, Website Editor in Chief

After the conclusion of each yearbook, the new Fentonian staff comes together to discuss what they want the next book to convey as far as theme. The staff is divided into separate groups; each group is instructed to formulate names and design elements to be incorporated for the upcoming project. They had agreed on the pitched idea, ‘It Happens Here’.

During 2016 summer, the staff regrouped at the Josten’s yearbook camp and realized some issues that came up with their original theme. ‘It Happens Here’ eventually evolved to ‘Right Here, Right Now’.

In the book, coordinates are utilized to enhance the location aspect of the theme. The geographic coordinates of Fenton High School (N 42.4752॰, W 83.4218॰) are designed on the cover. Different coordinates will be shown throughout the spreads, such as Guatemala, the country where students traveled to complete mission work.

“Every year thright-here-right-now-logoe yearbook’s job is to document everything that happens. This year we really want to get to the heart of the school and everyone within it. We are trying really hard to tell their stories and talk about everything that is going on right now in each moment so when everyone looks back at their 2017 Fentonian, all of these moments that are happening right now will come back as vivid memories.” 

– Co-Editor in Chief Michaela Youngs

The staff’s graphics designer, junior Michael Stinson, created the “RH RN” logo to promote sales. For the marketing campaign, the staff has printed posters to hang in the halls to familiarize the image that will be on the cover.

The book is on sale for $80 and can be bought out of Room 5-109 or visit Jostens.com.