Counselors provide class scheduling advice

Carly Riggs, Opinion Editor

Class scheduling is coming up soon, and in order to avoid a dilemma of incorrect or unwanted classes, students should consider both core classes and elective alternate options thoroughly.

“We try our best to get each student their number one choice,” counselor Vicky Russell said. “It is important to take this seriously. Do not put alternates on your schedule that you wouldn’t be willing to take; the computer only sees what has been requested and it will give you a course you do not want.”

Choosing courses that a student has an interest in, and is at their level of studies are both important things to consider throughout the whole process of choosing classes. Provisions can be made for courses that have many requests from students, so picking options that a student shows interest in and enjoys is one of the most important factors.

“Our schedule is driven by student requests,” Russell said. “If we get a lot of requests for a certain class, then we will have more sections of that class. If a lot of kids register for a course, then provisions will be made so that they can have their number one course choice.”

Class scheduling will begin on Feb. 10, with class meetings for the freshmen and sophomores on Feb. 8, and a meeting with the juniors on Feb. 10. There will also be meetings conducted by the counselors Feb. 17 for students who want help choosing core courses or help deciding what elective courses to take.