NHS raises money for the Salvation Army with bell ringing event


Jillian Ferry, Web Editor

Ringing bells and collecting donations, all while standing outside in the Michigan winter, senior National Honor Society chairs Jack Hall and Brendan Triola strive to help the Salvation Army throughout the holiday season.

NHS conducts the holiday event for the Salvation Army, the Red Kettle Drive. Volunteers will be standing outside of the VG’s Grocery Store located on Silver Lake Parkway on Dec. 14, 15 and 16 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m..

“What we do is four or five days people go out and ring the bell outside of VG’s and they collect donations to go to the Salvation Army,” Triola said. “The money we raise helps with buying food for people who need it.”

One of the five standards of NHS is service and one of the ways members exemplify this is by holding festive events in hope that while collecting money for those in need, they can brighten people’s day around this time of year.

“The money we raise for the Salvation Army helps people directly with food and money; it helps keep people stay in their homes and be well fed,” Hall said. “You give a little, you get a little. You feel happier during the holiday season when you’re charitable even if it’s just a couple quarters it kind of just brightens the mood of people.”

NHS adviser Chuck Miller encourages all of those in NHS to participate and spread the holiday cheer.

“It makes kids more aware of the idea of giving back and long term that helps,” Miller said. “But short term, we are able to give back and help some groups that really do need it.”

Besides knowing that the money they collect will go to those who need some help during the holidays, volunteers can have fun, and sing as people from the community.

“When you can go out there and collect money it’s a really fun time,” Triola said. “People will come by and the want you to sing.”