After School Tutoring hosted four days a week for students seeking help


PHOTO Dow Kaenpracha

Freshman Heather Wooten uses the after school tutoring to keep her grades up, and preparing for her exams next week. AST is available Mondays through Thursdays from 2:30 until 3:25 with a completed permission slip on file. Bus transportation will be available for students living within the Fenton Schools attendance boundary. Contact Mrs. Averill at [email protected] or the Counseling Office for a permission slip.

Lilly McKee, Writer

Monday-Thursday after school from 2:30-3:25 there will be held After School Tutoring where students get together in the library and meet up with the teachers and get help with whatever the individual student needs. The organizer Sally Averill is one of the teachers in AST that spends time with students in need and with the goal seeing improvements in students grades.

“We provide a math, science, social studies and English teacher there at AST,” Averill said. “There is somebody there to either answer questions, maybe give you study suggestions, help with homework, really whatever the individual student needs.”

Some students like to attend AST just to get caught up and do homework and not for help. 150 students come into AST one time or another but generally 20 students attend AST a night.

“Students care about their image and they don’t want to be seen going to AST,” Averill said. “That’s really the only thing that’s hard to bring kids in. So it’s getting over that stigma and realizing it’s kind of a fun group. All the teachers that go are pretty nice, fun and you get to know some of your teachers on a one on one basis. It’s open to anybody. You’re not required to attend so many sessions, it’s very different from how it was in middle school, so if you find yourself struggling with something, please come in and give it a try.”

Bus transportation is available for AST students living within the Fenton School’s attendance boundary. Students interested in attending AST, should pick up a permission slip in the counseling office.