The high school should have a debate team or club

Gracie Warda, Writer

Nationwide, thousands of schools boast debate teams and gather for competitions yearly. Fenton’s very own A.G.S. middle school even participated in these events in the 2013-2014, 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 school years. Which leads one to wonder, with such strong music, publications and sports programs, why hasn’t FHS jumped on the debate bandwagon?

According to Principal Mark Suchowski, strength in other areas are at fault for the lack of a debate team. He explained that with such strong drama, band, sports, and publications programs, there was never a need for a debate team. He also wondered if there were enough students who wanted to participate.

However, it’s been shown that debate teams and classes have extreme benefits to students, from social skills, to self-esteem to teamwork according to Suchowski also mentioned the many benefits of debating, It teaches students to research, to think on their feet and to speak clearly. All of these skills are necessary in any profession. A debate team as an after school club or elective would allow students to reap its benefits, and help strengthen their skills.

Those who were a part of the middle school debate team enjoyed it, and believe it has prepared them for high school. Junior Luke Dillingham, who was on the AGS debate team for one year and the St. Johns debate team for three, said that it helped him with finding evidence and setting up a logical argument. His favorite part of debate was team debate and the challenging competition aspect.

It’s hard to deny the many benefits of being on a debate team, it helps students with researching, working on teams, writing and public speaking, all of which are necessities in modern work and school life. In order for students to gain these crucial skills, FHS should introduce a debate team to their list of programs.