People of Fenton: Math teacher, Robotics adviser, Sara Gadwa


PHOTO McKenzie Lookebill

“I’m involved in too many things. I’m getting my degree in the Art of Education, it’s mainly to renewal my provisional certificate. I am working on my masters, which takes 10 to 15 hours a week of doing assignments with papers, posting and responding. I’m taking my sixth class and they are all about interventions and unit planning in the everyday classroom. I am also the Robotics adviser and we are basically here all of the time. The last two or three weeks I haven’t been home before 10 p.m. every night, so it’s hard to plan. I have three classes I have to plan for, three preps with an extra section and I need time to spend with my family as well so it is hard to juggle everything at once. Fridays are the only time I get to go home right after school, when I see my nephew. He is one of my favorite people, he is nine months old. My grandparents and all of my immediate family are really close so Fridays and Sundays are for them. It is stressful but if you take it one day at a time, it gets easier. If you think about it like ‘oh I have to get this all done in one day’ then I think it’s harder. Step by step, day by day it makes it fine. It is stressful, but I love my job. That is why I teach high school because I like to have conversations with people. That is one of the reasons that I chose high school, you can have conversations with the students about real life, what’s the next step and my mistakes that I can share. I love the people I work with, that’s one of the reasons I love coming to work. I love solving problems and helping students learn, it’s what I love.”

McKenzie Lookebill, Arts & Entertainment Editor