People of Fenton: Anonymous 03


PHOTO McKenzie Lookebill

“The most meaningful relationship I have is with my mom. She is my best friend and I tell her everything. Whenever I have issues with friends, I go to her and she gives me advice. I had a lot of issues in my friend group in eighth grade, like bullying within my friend group. She helped me get through that situation and helped me realize that I have truer friends out there. She is the reason I have the friends I have today. My happiest moments are on the way to church with my mom every Sunday. We can have deep, meaningful conversations. I appreciate it because during that time I feel safe and comfortable. We will have fun days where we go shopping and to lunch. We live in a house with boys so it’s nice to go out and do something fun with her. She has always been the voice of reason and she is always there to help us through anything.”

McKenzie Lookebill, Arts & Entertainment