Fenton Chamber of Commerce holds Girls and Business conference

Lauren Koscielniak, Writer

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For 15 years, Fenton’s Chamber of Commerce has been providing junior and senior girls from Fenton, Lake Fenton and Linden the opportunity to seek advice from women in local businesses at the Girls and Business event. At this conference there are speakers and presentations on why entering the business world could be a beneficial career path for young women.

“My message is simple,” keynote speaker Tracy Aubuchon said. “To inspire and to let girls know if you work hard anything is possible. I come from very humble beginnings and I didn’t have anyone to tell me to shoot for the stars, so it is my intention to share this message of hope for the young girls interested in business.”

Counselors encourage students to attend the event whether they are interested in stereotypical business careers (such as accounting and marketing) or not.

“It’s not just business majors that are presenting; it’s professionals in all career areas,” career coordinator Cheryl Reardon said. “They are people who work with children, in engineering, in restaurants, as physical therapists and musicians; they are women who have been successful in the world of work, whatever area that is.”

Reardon has attended most of these conferences and has explained how the event looks to motivate girls to stretch themselves for success and train them not to shy away from opportunities.

“The girls leave very inspired by the women they meet,” Reardon said. “These are women who have very unique stories to tell, and they’re people our students can look up to and say, ‘it’s okay if I don’t find what I want right away. I might try six things before I get to where I really want to be.’ Some of them may say, ‘I’m still not there.’”

During the day-long seminar, speakers explain to students how to present themselves in front of employers, but more than that, the women look to inspire.

“It’s to learn about all the different avenues and the obstacles that you can overcome, Reardon said. “To provide encouragement and inspiration to young women who are just starting out. To let them know that you may have setbacks and failures along the way, but you should keep pushing forward.”

Girls interested in the event must turn their permission slips into the counseling office by March 15. This event will occur on March 23 at Johnny’s Pizzeria, from 7:30 a.m. to 2:20 p.m. Transportation will be provided both ways.

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