Senior Justin Beemer receives MHSAA Scholar Athlete Award


Delaney Bryson, Writer

The fourth recipient in Fenton’s history, senior Justin Beemer was selected to win the annual MHSAA Scholar Athlete Award out of more than 100 other individuals from schools across Michigan. The list was then narrowed down into 32 individual recipients, who were then divided into three separate classes, Beemer receiving a Class A award.

“I was pretty surprised when I won,” Beemer said. “I knew how many people applied and so naturally I didn’t give myself an overwhelming chance. I knew I was a finalist, but I thought without having three sports, I wouldn’t be looked at as favorably, even though I’m involved in a lot besides my athletics. Robotics, marching band, my schoolwork and even my involvement with youth leadership in my church were all factors that I think helped me.”

The applicants are required to fit the criteria, for example one must carry a grade-point average of at least a 3.5 and have previously won a letter in a varsity sport in the MHSAA.

“A lot of people talk about ‘senioritis’ and taking time to relax their senior year, and I haven’t really allowed myself that privilege,” Beemer said. “I push myself because I hold myself to a very high standard and want to excel in everything I’m a part of, be it athletics, academics or other activities, like robotics. Part of that expectation of myself is just how I am personally; I’m just a perfectionist in general. But it also stems from from the understanding that what’s important is what I do beyond high school, and I want to prepare myself for the future as best I can by making the most of my opportunities here while I have them.”

With this amount of motivation, he was able to maintain an above 4.0 grade point average throughout high school and received all-league honors in both swim and soccer.

“Winning the award is definitely a nice confidence boost going forward, to have my achievements affirmed,” Beemer said. “It is something that has rewarded my hard work and helps me to see that my hard work does pay off. I think that will be important to keep in mind going forward to college and good motivation to continue striving for bigger and better things.”

Beemer was honored today, March 25, at halftime of the Class C boys basketball game at the Breslin Student Events Center in East Lansing.