National Honor Society prepares for induction ceremony, April 26

Jillian Ferry, Website Editor

As National Honor Society applicants receive their acceptance letters, NHS new and old prepare for the upcoming induction. During the induction all new members are formally inducted into the society as well as the new executive board being inducted into their positions.

“It’s very much a passing of the torch kind of ceremony,” NHS adviser Chuck Miller said. “We have a ceremony where the new inductees take over for the seniors. We talk about our goal and we talk about the pillars and how students have met those.”

The induction is a formal event for all members of NHS. However this is an extremely important event for new members, because they are being recognized for all the work they put in to get into NHS.

“I remember from my induction last year,” junior Libby Carpenter said. “It’s a very formal process and we have to practice it during SRT. The actual ceremony is really cool because you get to write a note card about yourself and they read it out loud and light your candle. It feels really rewarding to be inducted into NHS. Being accepted into NHS is a really big deal because you are maintaining a high grade point, and you have done service hours.”

While senior NHS members are saying their goodbyes, the junior members and new inductees look forward to starting a new year with NHS.

“It’s cool to see everybody get inducted,” junior Nolan Lawrence said. “I’m looking forward to the induction because we get to see what NHS is going to look like next year.”

During the induction the goal of NHS is read aloud and each member’s candle is lit to represent the four pillars of NHS.

“We talk about the four pillars of NHS,” Miller said. “Scholarship, character, service and leadership. We discuss how members need to possess those characteristics.”

The induction will be held in the main gym at 7 p.m. on April 26.