Freshman baseball lost doubleheader against Davison 14-1, 3-4

Amber Kelly, Writer

The freshman baseball team played its first home games in a doubleheader against Davison High School on April 14. The team lost both games, in the first game they lost via mercy rule, which means the Davison was the more dominant team, 14-1, 3-4 in the second.

Despite the fact they were able to keep it close, the team gave up all four of Davison’s runs in the second inning, loading the bases with consecutive walks and singles. Freshman third baseman Tommy Lockwood learned how they can come back after this loss for next game.

“To turn around next game, we need to work on harder in practice,” Lockwood said. “We need to perfect our mistakes. And we need to perfect our throws and make better plays.”

After their first home game of the season, the Tigers are expecting to improve and be prepared for the remainder of the season. The team feels the first three games did not go how they expected.

“I don’t think there’s a specific reason we haven’t done well this year,” pitcher Wyatt Williams said. “It’s still early in the season. We are all still getting used to playing together for the first time.”

Williams and Lockwood said they enjoy the group of freshmen Tigers they are playing with this year.

“What I enjoy about the FHS baseball team is that it’s a whole new group of boys,” Williams said. “It’s fun changing it up and playing with new people.”

“The most enjoyable part about being on this team is the guys on the team,” Lockwood said. “We have a great and funny group of guys and coach.”

The Freshman team won their next double header, which was against Brandon, 16-0 and 4-0.