Former AGS softball coach Jason Weigle hired as JV coach

Lauren Koscielniak, Writer

Fenton High secured head coach Jason Weigle as a new member to the JV softball team for the 2017 season. This spring, the girls have already faced three opponents under Weigle’s coachmanship.

“I like to feel like I am having an impact on young people’s lives,” Weigle said. “The best part about being a coach would have to be getting to know the players better; building relationships with the players and seeing them bond and form relationships amongst each other. The opportunity to be a part of Fenton’s traditions and rich history is part of my motivation to coach as well.”

For 11 years prior to coaching at Fenton High, Weigle coached softball for Little League and at AGS Middle School, where he was able to prepare the eighth grade softball players for high school level; now his job is to get them to varsity.

“Our goal for the JV softball team is to develop character, promote good sportsmanship and to prepare the players for the next level of softball: varsity,” Weigle said. “The success of the season isn’t necessarily going to be measured by wins, it will be if players feel that they’ve improved, both from a skill standpoint and from an overall character building standpoint and that they’ve had fun.”

“We have very strict rules in regards to our behavior on and off the field, high expectations of each player to carry themselves in a classy way, along with a strong balance of teamwork.” – JV softball coach Jason Weigle

Between the coach and players, the appreciation of bonding with each other is looked at as more important than the wins and losses they will carry with them throughout the season.

“Bonds that you make with your teammates are important because then you have people that you know you can count on,” sophomore Rachel Marshall said. “Our practices are really fun, I mean our games are too, but our practices are where you can have fun with your team and just have a good time in general. Games are a little more pressure, but I think practice is probably what I like most about softball.”

Practices for JV softball encourage the “togetherness” attitude; for sophomore Angela Hanners, connection with others will be a route to success.

“At the beginning of the season I was looking forward to just playing and seeing what our team can do,” Hanners said. “I would measure success by how we have improved by each game or from today to tomorrow. To achieve mental and emotional success, I would get the players to be more connected, friendlier and give each other compliments to encourage them to improve themselves.”

From middle to high school softball, freshmen are introduced to a higher level of playing where they will learn new strategies and represent their school.

“High school [ball] is a bit more competitive because everybody’s older,” freshman Addy Taylor said. “You are expected to understand more and to know certain things about the game that you probably wouldn’t know in middle school. I want to play for my school and represent, it feels good. I want it to look like we have a good athletics program and that we have a good schooling system.”

Since standing at-bat with Howell High School for their first game, which was April 11, Weigle and the players have been practicing from both physical and mental standpoints.

“We just had our first game and even though we were down at times, we all stuck together, we were still cheering,” freshman Erica Behnfeldt said. “It’s really a team sport, you have to get to know everyone and all work together; you can’t be a one person softball team. At practices, we play some games that help improve our skills and I think Weigle is a good coach so far, he’s really preparing us for what we’re going to see in a game.”

Through positive attitudes and some previous softball experience, JV softball is pushing themselves to a successful season of improvement and honor within the sport.
“I am a 1990 Fenton graduate,” Weigle said. “I was involved in athletics and I have continued to follow and support Fenton athletics ever since. So I am just honored and thrilled to be a part of Fenton athletics again.”