Fenton InPrint returns from CSPA with Silver Crown Award

Lilly McKee, Writer

Members of the Fenton InPrint were in New York City March 12-18 for the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Conference. Out of 1,100 high school newspapers, magazines, yearbooks and digital publications, the Fenton InPrint won the a Silver Crown award out of 56 other hybrid news members. The InPrint staff learned ways to improve their work in classes for newspaper, and other publications that ranged from interviewing to picture placement at the conference.

“I have definitely become more passionate about journalism on this trip and have realized how much passion I hold for the Fenton InPrint,” Print Editor in Chief Riley Wilson said. “I’ve learned a ton of stuff in New York that I plan to bring back to staff. Most importantly, I have been really inspired by being in the media capital of the world. Art and creation is surrounding you, especially at CSPA.”

The 2015-2016 newspaper was a nominated as a Crown Finalist under the Hybrid News publication category, for the complementing print paper and website. It received the Silver Crown award at Columbia.

“When we got the award I was really excited and felt accomplished,” Arts & Entertainment editor McKenzie Lookebill said. “Some of the pages I had written were displayed for everyone to see. It gave me a sense of pride, other than earning an award at Michigan Interscholastic Press Association, because news staffs around the nation were viewing all of our work at the same time.”

The staff took classes that were held at the conference that focused on improving the staff back in Fenton.

“At the conference they taught us about staff bonding and we took a lot of classes that will help us improve as a staff,” freshman, writer Gracie Warda said. “We’ve already implemented some of the things that we learned, like Mrs. Bunka started doing story assignment sheets so that we are more organized. We learned from professionals in the industry, and they gave us some tips that will help us grow.”

The last award the Fenton InPrint got was in 2007 and they received the Gold Crown award.