Choir program selected a new theme as ‘hope’ for spring concert

Lilly McKee, Writer

Choir students gather around in groups of four looking at playlists, Apple Music and the internet for suggestions for the upcoming spring concert’s theme. Through many class discussions, choir director Brad Wright along with the Ambassadors, Bella Voce and Varsity Vocals choose the theme of ‘hope’.

“I had an assignment where each student had to write me a couple paragraphs about how each student defined hope,” Wright said, “and what each student is hopeful for and how does each student give hope to other people, so we have been talking about the concept a lot. It’s basically been a process of class discussions and students share stuff with me and me sharing stuff with them and then coming together and see what kind of songs we are going to do.”

Not only do songs have the meaning of hope but has a special message in each song to give the audience a certain feeling after each song.

“To me the hope theme/concert is very important, because some people don’t always have hope in their life,” junior Claudia Hicks said. “Doing this concert, it is to reach out to people that don’t have hope in their life and giving them something to think back on and give them a feeling of what hope feels like.”

During the winter concerts they have more holiday music. When choosing a theme spring concerts have numerous genres so, students get to choose the music.

“The thing that makes the spring concert stand out is that all of the groups have been together for a year now,” senior Jackson Wolf said. “We’ve all had time to gel and become more comfortable, producing better music.”

Admission to the concert is free and will be on May 23 in the Ruby Zima Auditorium at 7:30 p.m.. For each choir, there will be four to five songs, lasting around three minutes. After the separate songs, there will be 3 songs with all three choirs combined. The hour long concert will have approximately 15 songs in total.